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Yoga Postures for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the frequently faced issues in contemporary times. Especially, those who work for longer hours at offices often have to deal with these issues. Back pain issues appear with growing age as well. Those who do physical works a lot, especially involving weight lifting also come across with such issues. People who have to drive for long distances also do have to come across with such problems. However, yoga can be the one-stop solution for all these issues. Given below is some of the top recommended yoga for back pain problems.

Balasana or Child Pose:
Balasana can be one of the finest yoga forms to heal back pain issues. This is one of the simplest forms of yoga for back pain as well. All you have to do is to first sit in Vajrasana (i.e. sitting on the heels keeping the back straight).Now exhale and move the body forward, making the head touch the ground. Both the hands should remain at either side of the head, with palms touching the ground. You can stay for a few minutes at this state.


Adho Mukha Swanasana:
This is another simple yet effective form of yoga for back pain issues. To start with this, first stand straight. Exhale, and move the upper body down (from the waist), and palms touching the ground, with hands remaining straight. Vision should be down towards the navel, and the chin should touch the chest. Upper and lower body should be at a perpendicular position to each other. While coming back, you can stay in a position with knees down.

Ustrasana is one of the most beneficial forms of yoga for back pain relief. This pose is good for flexibility development and reducing the belly fat as well. This pose starts with Vajrayana, which is about sitting on the heels while keeping the back straight. From this state, exhale and straighten the back. Now take both the hands back, while holding the heels. It means the head hangs down back and chest remains expanded. You can breathe easy being in this state.

Bhujangasana is also known as the Urdhwa Mukha Swanasana. This is also a quite simple form of yoga. To start with, first sleep straight on the ground facing downward. Now exhale and, with the support of both the palms lift the upper body (from navel). The face remains in an upward direction, and the chest remains expanded. You can breathe easily while being in this state.


There can’t be any simpler form of yoga for back pain.This pose is all about sleeping relaxed. You have to first sleep inverted, i.e. on your chest. Clutch the fingers of both the hands with each other and rest your head on it, either towards the left or right side. Now squeeze the leg from the knee and make the foot touch it (the knee), of the same side towards which your head faces towards. Close your eyes and remain in this state while breathing easy. Now repeat the process for the other side.



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