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Most Effective Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Back pain issues are growing in modern times. Earlier these issues were seen only among elderly people, those used to be pretty much the age effects. But, back pain is becoming a growing concern among youth in modern times. Work stress is indeed the prime reason behind this.
Be it about sitting on a chair in front of a computer or traveling a long distance through bikes/cars; back pain seems inevitable. However, yoga can be the ideal way of getting over these back pain issues. Given below are the most effective yoga poses for back pain.

Adhomukha Swanasana:
Adho Mukha Swanasana is a pretty simple yoga for back pain. You have first to stand straight with little distance between the legs. Now breathe out and bend to make your upper body incline, making both the palms touch the ground. It means the body has to look like in “V” shape. Bend down the head and make your chin touch the chest. Have your vision on naval.
Halasana is another effective yoga for back pain. Regular practice of it can strengthen your spine, improving its flexibility. To start with Halasana, you have to sleep flat on the ground on your back, facing up. Now exhale, and gradually lift your legs up straight. With the support of your palm on the back, make the legs perpendicular to the ground. Bend the legs further gradually, trying to make the toes touch the ground. Both the hands should remain on the ground.
Ustrasana is a fantastic yoga for back pain. This pose improves flexibility level of the body, shedding the extra fats from the waist and lower belly, giving you the perfect body shape. It also broadens shoulder and chest. To start with, first, sit in vajrasana pose (that is sitting on your heels), and then raise the body up, like kids are given knee down punishment. Now gradually take your both the hands back, trying to hold the heels. The spine should remain straight. Remain in this state as per your limit, and do it in some repetitions.
Balasana or child poses:
Balasana is also an easy and effective yoga for back pain. It too can be started from the vajrasana state. So, first sit in Vajrasana (i.e., sitting on your heels and keeping the spine straight), exhale, and bend the upper body down, resting the chest on thighs, and making the scalp touch the ground. Both the hands should remain at either side of the body with fingers remaining straight.


Bhujangasana is a nice yoga for back pain issues. To start the pose, first sleep inverted, i.e., on your chest. Now exhale, and with the support of both the palms on either side of the chest, lift the upper body from naval. Point to be noted is that here there is no pressure on the back; it has to remain straight and relaxed. Come back to the original state, and repeat the process. Vision should be up, and the head should be tilted as per that.



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