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Yoga: The New Routine

In today’s life, a big challenge and need are to maintain or keep your body fit. There are a lot of ways like exercising, playing some sports, running, cycling for achieving this. But the one which is trending and is to be most beneficial is Yoga. By doing Yoga, you can achieve a healthy body and a channelized mind.


Yoga, which originated in ancient India, was thought to be holding postures and doing physical exercise. But it is actually matching one’s body and mind with the frequencies of nature. By practicing yoga people are able to overcome deadly diseases.

With the advancements, humans have also introduced new medical problems which were not there in the past. But as the problems are increasing, the world is moving towards more traditional solutions rather than medicines. Yoga has now become a hot topic and you can get a lot about the same on social media and internet. People are also getting training from online yoga instructor. It has become a well-known profession now a day and there are a lot of websites and companies that are providing Yoga training online. The one must be well trained and expert before becoming an online Yoga instructor. Baba Ramdev has emerged as one of those Yoga Gurus who have advertised a lot about this ancient practice and made it popular worldwide. He has cured many people with deadly diseases with the help of Yoga and Pranayama.


Yoga is also being opted as a subject in schools and colleges. That day is not too far when it will become a mandatory subject. Children should get trained from childhood itself as healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Parents should emphasize more on outdoor and physical activities like practicing Yoga and playing some sport rather than concentrating on academics. Yoga refines both the physical and mental parts of human body.

There are many forms of Yoga and each one serves a different purpose. It depends from person to person and in their interest, that which form they want to practice. For example, Hatha Yoga is kind of simple and if you are planning to start Yoga then Hatha Yoga is the one whereas Vinyasa Yoga is for those who love heavy exercises. Similarly, if one is spiritual, he can start practicing Kundalini Yoga. All the major cities have Yoga centers. Also, there are a lot of videos on YouTube which are uploaded by trained people and Online Yoga Instructors. One can also start practicing Yoga by watching these videos.

To summarize, whether one is young or old, irrespective of age, we should make it as part of daily routine to practice Yoga. It is an eco-friendly and natural way of treating diseases without any side effects. If you want to increase your focus, relax your mind and to have a good physical appearance, Yoga is the answer.



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